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If you have original ideas or experience you’d like to share in a blog post, I’d love to feature your work here.

Post Requirements

This blog is about helping people who work with technology teams become stronger leaders. To help CEOs, CTOs, and team leaders achieve more by inspiring fulfilling, thriving, and productive workplaces for the betterment of everyone involved.

I maintain a high standard of quality on the blog and guest posts are held to the same standards.

These are the qualities I’m looking for when reviewing posts

  • Provide hands on actionable advice
  • Be a tutorial or personal experience
  • Backed up with real world data/example (can be anonymized)
  • Include appropriate images to guide readers
  • Readers walk away with actionable advice they can apply to their own teams

Content & Writing Format

Please follow the guidelines below when writing your posts

  • Tone of voice should be casual like you’re talking to a friend
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself – have fun with it!
  • No pretentious business tones
  • No fluff – if you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence – do it!
  • No more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • There is no minimum word count

Format your content in this structure

  • Open with a ‘What You Will Learn’ section with 3-5 bullet points
  • Move into main content
  • End the post with a ‘Wrapping It Up’ section
  • Remember your content must offer clear actionable advice with step by step instruction preferable backed up by case study data/examples.

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Contact me

Make sure to introduce yourself and what your post is about, and definitely let me know of any blogs you may have written in the past.