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The most dangerous problems are the ones you don't even know about

Let's Start With Where You Are Right Now

So you've gotten your business off the ground, found some capital, and are ready to bring more hands on deck.

Way to go! Some say the first steps are the hardest, and that you've made it to this stage says a lot about your drive...

But, Building a tech team requires a lot of skills, and time,
that most CEOs and CTOs don't have


CTOs can effectively code and build
a team at the same time

Still think CTOs should code? Take a look into your future:

  • CTO doesn’t communicate or manage expectations
  • "Tech Debt" grows exponentially
  • Technical staff are unable to meet deadlines
  • Enginering talent is difficult or impossible to recruit
  • Product roadmap is missing
  • Project & product management systems are out of date
  • Technical staff are neither engaged nor passionate
  • Non-tech staff is increasingly frustrated with the tech staff
  • Consumers fail to engage with your products after signing up.
  • Engineers struggle to balance cost, speed and quality trade-offs.
  • Legacy infrastructure is still in place.
  • Years are wasted bringing poorly targeted products to market
  • There’s no formal software development lifecycle strategy
  • Core processes are not understood
  • User acquisition and technology costs prevent growth.


How to Build a Team - Options To Consider

  • Hire a Recruiter

    What's the point if your CTO can't use engineers effectively? (or you don't have a CTO)

  • Bolt on an Agency

    Can we say costly and misaligned? -- and again, why risk hiring people that want more billable hours if you can't ensure they spend their time wisely?

  • Replace your CTO

    Woah! You're CTO has probably been with you from the beginning and is probably an amazing technologist.

  • Augment your CTO with a Team Builder

    Ok, you could argue I might be a bit biased, but this is the most efficient way to scale your organization.

You Don't Have to Spend $300k/year for a Great CTO

I can help you scale your business
while others focus on writing software

I'm a veteran of the tech industry, with 15 years of experience in everything from single founder companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

In addition to years of hands-on experience in product design and development, I’ve founded 5 successful companies and led teams as large as 45 people.

  • Inject culture and communication that inspires people
  • Build processes and systems that support your team
  • Recruit top talent and make the right choices

Cultivating a bad-ass technical team requires
a lot more than “rock star” coding skills. Don't risk your future on someone who doesn't have the experience to do it right.

Let me put my experience to work for you. Take your business to the next level!

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