Looking for a Rockstar CTO On A Startup Budget? Here's How it's Done


90% of your budget should go to the people building your software.

The Remaining 10% Should Be Split Between Contractors Who Know Their Sh*t

Maybe You've Raised a Good Amount of Capital, or Maybe You're Still Operating Out of a Garage

You need someone who is as passionate about your baby as you are - someone talented but willing to work for ramen and equity. Sound impossible? It's not.

What does a CTO do exactly?

What, from this list, do you want in a CTO?
  • Someone who’s really passionate about your product or idea
  • A technologist who isn’t just an engineer
  • Can guide you strategically
  • And help you shape the product
  • And architect the technologies you’re using
  • And understands your customers and can create a great user experience
  • And can build a little team by recruiting his friends
  • And can do code reviews and lead scrum calls and a few processes
  • And translate specifications to code
  • And hit deadlines
  • And is super motivated to dedicate a ton of time and burn the midnight oil
I agree - you need all these skillsto make your startup successful

The problem is... This Kind of CTO Costs at Least $250,000/yr and 10% of Your Company (according to a recent report by Andreessen Horowitz)

And they DON'T want to work with you...

"CTOs That Code" Will Damage Your Startup Learn the Top 5 Mistakes I See Founders Make

Myth: CTOs can effectively code and build a team at the same time

Still think CTOs should code?

Take a look into your future:
  • CTO doesn’t communicate or manage expectations
  • "Tech Debt" grows exponentially
  • Technical staff are unable to meet deadlines
  • Enginering talent is difficult or impossible to recruit
  • Product roadmap is missing
  • Project & product management systems are out of date
  • Technical staff are neither engaged nor passionate
  • Non-tech staff is increasingly frustrated with the tech staff
  • Consumers fail to engage with your products after signing up.
  • Engineers struggle to balance cost, speed and quality trade-offs.
  • Legacy infrastructure is still in place.
  • Years are wasted bringing poorly targeted products to market
  • There’s no formal software development lifecycle strategy
  • Core processes are not understood
  • User acquisition and technology costs prevent growth.

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