Recruiters are Great,
But Their Business Model Sucks for Startups

  • 20% extra is lot to pay when you're saving every penny.
  • Paying up front is risky business.
  • Good recruiters aren't interested in small gigs and part-time roles.

Let's Count The Ways I'm Not Like Recruiters

Well, to begin with,
I'm not a recruiter I'm a CTO

I understand the needs of startup founders
because I've founded 5 successful companies.

You Know My Candidates are Great - I Only Make
Money if Your Company is Successful



  • Post your gig for free (Otherwise, I'm hands-off)

Team Builder

  • I'll write your posting
  • I'll solve unicorn problems
  • I'll show you how to use contractors to save money
  • I'll personally interview candidates

No need for legal. I have already developed a convertable note
that vests over the lifetime of the staff member.

Did I Mention That I Can Find Unicorns

The truth is that unicorns aren't hard to find The trick is understanding that they don't exist.

Trying to find the impossible is a giant waste of time and money. I have the CTO skills to divide a role up and find two or three part-time people (or contractors) that can actually do the job.

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

Tell me who you need

Not sure if Hourly and Interim Consulting is for you?

No Matter Where Your Business or ProspectiveBusiness is, I Can Help

Stop Wasting Time & MoneyGet a Clear Understanding of Where You Stand Today

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