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Because Software Developers Will Steer You Toward the Solutions They Know Best

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The Two BIGGEST Risks When Outsourcing

Trusting that your vendors will do right by you in all situations, even when they're motivated to turn a profit.

This adds a great deal of financial risk to your project.

Forgoing a CTO altogether in the hopes of saving money.

Not having someone to check and balance the people building your product always costs more.

Falling into either of these all-too-easy to fall in traps can cost you MEGA MOOLAH later

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I'm able to provide candid and independant help because I don't benefit from the solutions I recommend. I usually don't build your products - instead, I act as your advocate to keep the people building your product honest and moving forward.

Jay helped me more clearly see and validate existing team concerns. He is very astute and able to pinpoint issue areas with clarity, while also providing steps to achieving those changes. Exactly what I hired him to help me achieve. Jay has become a valuable member of my extended team in that I respect his opinion, I am certain he has my back, and he shares his resources and
good humor openly and honestly. Highly recommend.

Ava Herrera, Founder Ivory Clay

Jay helped us establish a healthy foundation by focusing on product, strategic market alignment, and preparing us to raise investment.
As non-technical founders, he really did a great job of supporting our product vision, while helping us align ourselves with a motivated user.
His insights on technical strategy shifted our perspective on product and ultimately helped us bring our technology to market, while keeping lean and cost effective.

Dean Androitis, Founder Line4Line

How One Client Saved $120,324 in 30 Minutes
(Needless to say, he was very happy)

Robert recently hired me to look over his MVP

30 minutes later I knew why his product
wasn't attracting users or investors

$80,000, and 9 months of time, were lost because the people building his product pushed solutions they were comfortable with rather than solutions that made sense for his business.

The Solution I Prescribed Cost Only $2,000 For
Someone Else To Build - AND Immediately Gained Traction
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I Provide a Range of Technical Outsourcing Solutions

When it comes to outsourcing, use me to:

  • Find and vet independent contractors / agencies
  • Supervise independent contractors
  • Be the ongoing independent check/balance to the people building your product
  • Be your temporary CTO resource with the RENT-A-CTO service
  • Hire and oversee your temporary project management resources

When You Hire Me To Outsource
Your Technical Project, You'll Get

Peace of mind that you're using the right team, tools, and code for the job

And a strategic roadmap that ensures you're building the best product in the most cost-efficient manner. Simple as that! Contact me to learn more

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