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Part I
Why Technology Advisors Are So Important

(5 minute read / 43 minutes front to back)

Short On Time And Already Convinced You Absolutely Need An Advisor?

Skip the “why” and read Part III – Finding Your First Advisor to learn how to recruit, retain and get the most out of your first technical advisor.

In short, Technology Advisors are required to build software cost-effectively because software development is very unlike most other things. This chapter covers the high level arguments while the next chapter illustrates the specifics.

The crux of the issue stems from three concerns:

  1. It’s impossible to know right from wrong without deep technical expertise
  2. Everyone you hire stands to benefit greatly from their own recommendations
  3. The cost of technology mistakes grows exponentially with every day that passes

Put these three things together and it means someone has to help you who doesn’t make a living building your software – from the day you start to the day you exit.

Here’s a simple non-technical example:


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