Can’t Afford An Experienced Technical Leader? Think Again

Whether bootstrapped or well funded,
a little help from a pro makes a big difference.


90% of your budget should go to the people building your software.

The Remaining 10% Should Be Split Between Contractors Who Know Their Sh*t

Hi I'm Jay Crouch CTO/CPO and Startup Coach

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You don’t need to spend
$300K/year for a great CTO.

My practice is all about small, affordable,
high-impact consulting
to get you where
you need to go.

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Two Things You Should Know About Me

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    Unlike Most CTOs

    I know how to design a product that appeals to investors because I have broad experience as an entrepreneur.

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    Unlike Most Consultants

    90% of my practice does not involve large retainers.

Let’s Diagnose Your Needs

You've Located the Holy Tech Trinity

Jay Crouch

Good Coder. Good Strategist. Great Social Skills. I'm someone...

  • Who isn’t just an engineer
  • And can guide you strategically
  • And help you shape the product
  • And architect the technologies you’re using
  • And understands your customers and can create a great user experience
  • And can build a little team by recruiting his friends
  • And can do code reviews and lead scrum calls and a few processes
  • And translate specifications to developers
  • And hit deadlines

AND... I offer lots of cost effective ways to work together and am willing to work for equity.

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