Fact - Not all Minimum Viable
Products are Created Equal

There’s a Good Chance that
the People You Have Hired are
Wasting Your Time and Money It’s hard to know who to trust when you
haven’t built a successful tech company before.

Learn the Top 5 Mistakes Teams Make When Building MVPs

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The Monster Lurking In The Dark
Waiting To Bite You

Let's Face it...

The people you've hired have
two competing interests

Yours and theirs.

Often, software developers are biased towards solutions that they know best or increase their billable hours. Which is why you need an unbiased 3rd party.

How One Founder Lost $80,000
and 9 Months

Billy recently hired me to look over his MVP

30 minutes later I knew why his product
wasn't attracting users or investors

$80,000, and 9 months of time, were lost because the people building his product pushed solutions they were comfortable with rather than solutions that made sense for his business.

The Solution I Prescribed Cost only $2,000 For
Someone Else To Build - AND Immediately Gained Traction.

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Hiring a coach to balance the people building your MVP is not expensive

When You Work With Me, You Get

  • Your people and processes are the right ones for the job.
  • Your team is building good, scalable code.
  • Your products are designed to attract users and investors.
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Early-stage clients can work with me for less than $1,000/yr.

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Hi, I'm Jay Crouch, CTO/CPO and Startup Coach
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I can help you scale your business
while others focus on writing software.

I'm a veteran of the tech industry, with 15 years of experience in everything from single founder companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises. In addition to years of hands-on experience in product design and development, I've founded 5 successful companies and led teams as large as 45 people.

  • Inject culture and communication that inspires people
  • Build processes and systems that support your team
  • Recruit top talent and make the right choices

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The Truth is, if you Don't Find a Proven Startup Technology and Product Coach

It Can Cost You Mega Moolah Later

(I'm talking months of wasted effort and tens of thousands of wasted dollars!)

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